Wayra, Sustainable Development

Wayra is a Peruvian Company that manufactures High quality products in Home Accessories and uses the finest Peruvian Natural matedals, such as Vicuha (Top of the Line), Baby Alpaca, Alpaca, Pima Cotton and Merino wool. We are specialist in two types of products : weaved and knitwear items. Weaved products are done in Hand Looms or industrialized Looms. Knitwear products are made by Peruvian artisans or industrial machinery. Peru is an important country in weaving textiles. Weaving is an ancient tradition: Relics date back to 5800 B.C.E. Weaving methods passed down from generation to generation. Knitting for love, up M the Andean mountains of Huancavelica in Peru. There is a of of enthusiasm among the women in the Andean community of Huancavelica, where they put as a very high goal: to develop a product that could reach the Kghest quality to export. To achieve this they have educated themselves in acknowledging how to turn the alpaca wool into a high quality fiber. This not only meant for them an additional income, but toss served to change the mentality of the zone, that into say, to revalue the position of women and the important function they carry for the progress of their homes.

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