Marianna Kotti & Tenia Menegaki

Marianna Kotti and Tenia Menegaki, two ex-students from the master in Retail Design of ELISAVA tell us their story after the master.

These two students, with an interior design background, chose ELISAVA in order to continue with their studies. That decision turned out to be very successful. They  confess us that the programm and the director, Carmen Malvar, give them the oportunity to work with real projects for great names in Retail World such as IKEA, Sony Style, Gaston & Daniela and Toni David.

This experience gives them the courage, strength, confidence and expertise to start their own business when getting back to Greece. At the end of 2011 our beloved alumni, Marianna & Tenia, decided to start a new business, apoDec. ApoDec works on branding, product, interior and retail design projects.

One year after Theodosis Koronidis joins the group and apoDec are designing their workplace (Φ3) in the center of Thessaloniki.

They are also planning to organize a small design shop, workshops, conferences, seminars or other art and design events at their Φ3 workplace.

Congratulations Marianna & Tenia!

You can watch the making of their workplace at their blog or you can see some pictures of the process below.







A08 Untitled_Panorama1

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