We are pleased to announce this is a lecture course Elisava revolving around lectures, presentations and group discussions. The assigned projects will give students the opportunity to construct a working methodology that will teach them how to develop ideas that can be translated into retail interior proposals.

Project will give students the opportunity to create a retail concept and develop ideas for creating a retail environment for a retailer that currently does not have a retail concept, but does have a brand identity and marketing campaign. For those are interested on the Brand Management side the students will develop a Brand Book portfolio.

The goal will be to incorporate the information discovered about the company and to conceptually propose a retail shop/concept that conveys the spirit of the corporation as well as incorporating the existing identity.

Class time will be spent on working with individual critiques as well as group discussions, field trips to department stores/boutiques and master class lectures. There will be recommendations made on viewing exhibited works and suggested readings.

If you want more information or want to register click on the link below

Sumer curse Carmen Malvar

DURATION:15th to 26th July (40 hours)

PRICE:900€.Members of the Elisava Alumni will enjoy a 15% reduction. Available for transferring 2 Elective Credits for the Pratt Institute Interior Design students.


SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday, 5pm to 9pm

AIMED AT: Fashion Designers. Architects, Interior Designers, Brand Management, Marketing Product Designers, Visual Merchands. Basic knowledge of programs in 2D and 3D recommended. Not required.

DIRECTION: Carmen Malvar


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