Hello Milano!

We Proudly present Your Skin an Easy Chair and Empathy  Vases and Candleholders collection, result of a research period made by Laura Noriega during 2012 at Kyoto Insitute of Technology with the direction of Professor Kentaro Yamamoto under the subject Modern Design and Traditional Crafsmanship, promoted by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and the National Council of Science and Technology of México.

There are no barriers to collaborate between designers and craftsman all over the world. Mexican Design and Japanese Craftsmanship.

Pleas join us at this event on April 9-14 2013

Ventura Warehouse Position E03
Via Privata Oslavia 8,
20134 Milano, Italy

YOUR SKIN easy chair

your skin… smells like Japan
your skin… feels like Japan
sensorial memories…
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EMPATHY Vases & Candleholders

Connect for light
Share for flowers
Multiply beauty
Empathic connections

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