The experience I had in the Elisava`s Retail Design Master Program was excellent.

The fact that we designed real projects  for brands like Sony and Ikea was a great learning opportunity, besides, the experience of living in Barcelona and designing projects in colaboration with professionals from different areas of the design field and people from different countries gave me new expectations in the personal and professional area, and most important, I am now a designer with a global network of designers friends.

This experience wouldn’t be the same without the constant advising and accompaniment of Carmen Malvar, Director of the Master, who was available at all time to give me some ideas  of new ways to arrive to the best level in our projects.

Once I returned to Colombia I developed some Interior Design projects and I started working as a professor in the Architecture Faculty of Universidad Piloto de Colombia, located in Bogotá. The Retail desing Master gave me many tools to approach to the creative process to design spaces. I have been applying it in my work as an interiorist, researcher and as professor in courses like Workshop of Design III and Design of interior spaces.

Nowdays I formulated and manage the Interior Design and Sustainability Course offered by the Graduate Department in Universidad Piloto de Colombia in which I applied my knowledge acquired in Elisava specifically on how we learnt to approach the sustainability problems to the retail and other areas of the interiorism. For more information about the course:

And more information about me and my portfolio:



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