360 arenas food experience

«360º Arenas Food Experience» is the name of the pop up store developed by the students of the Master’s Degree in Retail Space. Retail Design given by ELISAVA, which will be installed at Las Arenas Shopping Mall until 18 August with the aim of promoting the restaurants located at the roof of the building that once was one of Barcelona’s bull rings.

The proposal by the students Margarita Delgado, Sebastian Pardo, Andres Cabrera and José Manuel Matallana was the winner one from among the 8 works submitted within the frame of an academic project in collaboration with the shopping centre.

The installation located at the central square of the premises takes as starting point some elements that usually remain unnoticed for the customers of the restaurants, such as the interest for showing the elaboration process of their products, or the level of the detail in the moment of preparing the dishes. From this idea, the students expect to make evident this that is not evident through detailed observation. The pop up store has a strong visual side, since the food is not only a pleasure for the taste but also for the eyesight.

360 arenas food experience 1

When the visitors get closet o the modules, they see images that do not identify until they look at them through a magnifying lens integrated in the structure, which will reveal that the image that is being seen is food. Through a second magnifying lens, the customers of the shopping mall find the image of a exquisite dish prepared with the food of the previous image, along with the name of the restaurant that elaborated it.

All the presented proposals have been tutorised by Carmen Malvar, director of the master’s degree, and by the architect Vicente Pérez Mora.

360 arenas food experience (4)

360 arenas food experience (2)


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