This week we want to introduce this wonderful blog snack4design. They are a small group of young designers and students based in Mexico, in the cities of Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi. They will be soon in the US, based in New York. It is a passionate team about design and its impact on the world, a platform that feeds creativity in a conscious way, addressing social, ecological & cultural issues within the context of design.

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Acording Snack 4 Design, in a globalized world where everyone is just a click away from knowing what’s happening on the other side of the planet, they see an opportunity to spread and share what is happening about everything related with design in Mexico. That’s why, despite being a Mexican publication, they write in both English and Spanish. Knowledge is what keeps them moving, so they they want to know about others projects and what’s happening around them. Their dream is to create a community of sharing in order to improve design culture. Snack 4 Design wants to win your trust by being an honest publication that is accessible to everyone no matter your interests and passions. They want to be your voice.

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