La Tlapaleria

Today we want to present La Tlapaleria, a group of designers whose priority is to give value to Mexican culture and traditions by creating, using craft techniques, products that have great esthetical, conceptual, and utilitarian value.

In La Tlapaleria, everything is born from fare collaboration between the industrial designer and the master craftsman. La Tlapaleria presents: Armas Benditas México is currently facing conflicts where weapons have seized to be tools used to get food, protect, and liberate. They have become the violent protagonists that overshadow the beauty of this country and its people. Therefore, La Tlapaleria has created Armas Benditas (Blessed Weapons): weapons not only for México but also for the world, weapons that multiply the forces of work, health, protection, and feeling. Thirteen designers, thirteen concepts, thirteen blessed weapons, that seek to show the world another face of México.

latlapaleria master en retail design elisava (1)

latlapaleria master en retail design elisava (3)

 Here we leave this wonderful documentary:


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