Pratt Institute launched the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator (BF+DA), a space that provides start-ups with resources to establish successful businesses.

The Accelerator occupies a 15,000-square-foot unit in the former Pfizer building in South Williamsburg. It will provide studio space and production capability for 30 design-oriented candidates who are integrating environmental and social responsibility practices into their bottom line. The Accelerator will undergo renovations before tenants move in.

Pratt is excited to launch the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator where New York City’s creative community can transform their innovative ideas into successful companies. “The Accelerator is Pratt Institute’s vision for creating a bridge to success—a place where design start-ups will flourish, local manufacturing jobs will be created, and young people can design their future,” he added.


They are sure there’s a growing trend right now amongst many people in the industry to bring back manufacturing jobs to New York and America. People from this institution are very excited with development in the fashion industry. It has traction and is beginning to make a difference.

One of the chief goals of the BF+DA is to support businesses as they establish their brands and move toward broader viability in the marketplace. Occupants can take advantage of networking and educational opportunities: business development and legal services, exposure to industry leaders, workforce development, and classes in entrepreneurship.

The Accelerator will house traditional and advanced manufacturing equipment on site, with access to: A micro-run production facility; A-D rapid prototyping center; Textile and technology “wet-labs” suitable for designing and testing apparel and many others.

The Accelerator also includes a showroom and event space called the “Plaza.” The area functions as a workspace by day and transforms into to a lecture hall, performance space, or fashion runway by night.


Would you like to work there? Here you have further information:

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