We are pleased to present you the last publication of the prestigious magazine Frame: the Interior Design Book Masterclass which presents our Master’s Degree in Commercial Space: Retail Design at ELISAVA; framed in an overview of the world’s leading graduate schools.

Masterclass Interior Design 2014 includes an introduction by Ramon Benedito, General Director of ELISAVA, and continues with the details of the Master’s Degree programme, an interview to Laura Aguilar, former student; the testimonials of students of the course (Carla León Tarrillo, María Camila Casas, Ali Mahmoud, Yasmina Moukhmalji Garcia and Lara Kardas)and an exhibition of the distinguished projects:

  • The MotorCIRCLE in the City, installation carried out at Biosca&Botey, by Vanya Suleva, Patricia Bernardino, Vicky Ballesteros and Nuria Martínez
  • All kinds of crazy, Vinçon window dressing, by Laura Aguilar, Isabel Garnier, Lara Kardas and Adrian López.
  • Sweet Spring, SONY’s window dressing, by María Camila Casas, Juliana Maretzki Haagensen, Sonia Oliva, Ana Cristina Serrano and Jessica Teló

The schools presented in this publication are selected following a criteria list that includes the quality of the graduation work, the employability and success of former students, the list of lecturers, and their reputation in the design industry.



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