The Seminar Travel Retail will take place from 2 to 4 December 2014 at ELISAVA and is organized by Master’s Degree in Retail Space: Retail Design.

The seminar, moderated by Carmen Malvar, director of the master’s degree programme, will review some of the aspects in relation with the concept of Travel Retail and will cover the following items:  consumer psychology in transit markets, urban anthropology / commerce trends, travel retail (Brick and Mortar / Airports), trends prosumers, social media / advanced technologies, consumer behaviors in transit and culture stores/museum store.

The event will be attended by Carmen Malvar, Agustín Cámara, Pérez Ruiz Fausto, Mathieu Herrero, Ana Cela, Rafael Pous, Jorge Rodríguez, Enric Lladó and Kirsten Van Dam.

We also want you to know that in relation to these conferences will also take place a marathon of workshops / boothcamps behind closed doors to Retail Program Students with the presence of Luki huber and Kirsten Van Dam, some of the speakers and regular collaborators of the programme.

Lectures will be in english, eligible for former Elisava students and submit Semi-Open.

For further information and Attendance Form click here.

Location :Sala Carrió. Elisava/Barcelona

Hope to see you there!

Photo Credit. Marco Valentino

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