Workshop with Kirsten Van Dam

Last month, the students of Master of Retail Design of Elisava could enjoy a workshop with Kirsten Van Dam, framed in the Seminar Travel Retail (here).

We would like to share with you a short summary of the workshop:


“…Erase the word “wait” from the Airports vocabulary. This is an easy win, because, quite frankly, people don’t wait anymore; they work, consume or are entertained. Erase the word “wait” and suddenly the airport no longer needs to design lounges for waiting. The future traveller will seek to optimize every minute, and within the future airport it will come to feel like he gained—not lost— valuable time and experience…’’ The New Terminal Bliss, a future vision by Out Of Office for Schiphol, February 2012.

In this workshop,Kirsten van Dam guided students to go from trends to designing experiences. It was a highly energized workshop, where students were expected to translate airport and consumer trends into relevant Next Level Experiences. They focused on translating trends into airport experiences focusing on Next Level Seating, Next Level Working, Next Level Digiwall and Next Level Relaxing.

They explored what trends are, how they can recognize them and use Methodology Toolkit to workshop how to research trends (qualitative and quantitative). Then they went from Inspiration to Ideas: the second part they focused on designing the experience. Through guidance and tools and templates provided each group did a quick brainstorm to come up with fresh and distinctive design idea for the airport experience. From Trends To Inspiration To Ideas!

Kirsten Van Dam, by Out of Office (here).

kirsten van damm workshop

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