This year during the month of May the Third Retail Congress will be held, this is an anual event that has been celebrated for three years in a row, in Barcelona. For this year the organization counts with a wide variety of exponents and experts in different areas going from economic specialists to creative storytellers.

As a mode of introduction we’ll disclose some of the personnel that would be participating throughout the activities


Partner and creative director of CuldeSac, this group specializes in creative consulting for exclusive brands. He has worked for brands such as Aston Martin, DelPozo, Carrera & Carrera, Porcelanosa Group, H & M or Lladró.

Retail design, branding and design of experience are some of the services they offer.

You can visit their website and gaze at some of the different projects which are available in their website: CuldeSac


Tienda Glent


Jbosco López has under his belt an extensive experience in the music industry (CEO Communicator, DJ, Artistic Director, etc) in relevant platforms such as Warner Music, National Radio, Spanish Television, Canal +, 40 Principales, Dro East West, M80 Radio, Live Nation and so on, to now be part of the team called Sensory Sounds. Developing an innovative concept Audio Boutique which specializes in providing emotional value and sensory stimuli brands, products and retail experiences. Applying art and strategy to achieve excellence in the strategic use of music and sound.

He currently work in Europe, America and Asia, for national brands with international presence such as Bimba y Lola and international brands as The Nuance Group I Dufry, based in Switzerland..

Share an interesting link about the marketing music, written for JBosco: “Marketing el arte de la estrategia”


Storyteller. Coach CEO de Química visual

She defines what is storytelling in this way:

“Storytelling is of course, the art of storytelling. But it is much more than that. It refers both to the narrative, as the act of storytelling. Therefore refers to the relationship, very particular, between the narrator and audience. In a dynamic system also takes account of the story(content) “technology” used (from the human voice to social media, through the press) and context. All parts of this system are influenced and modified to create the experience of sharing, a comunión.”

The rest of the exponents can be seen on the official website of the congress.
The conference will be this 28-29 May in House Llotja de Mar – Barcelona. registration can be done online.

If you are in Barcelona is a good opportunity to penetrate more into the world of retail.


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