If you are in America specifically in San Francisco or close, I will recommend you assists an annual conferences The future of Retail 2016, to be held in San Francisco late October by PSFK.

Through a brunch, each year PSFK publishes a summary of trends, shopping experience and innovative ideas for the future of retail. Alongside expert speakers, PSFK Labs researchers, who already assist brands like Nike, Red Bull, Samsung and Target with their retail strategies, will present a narrative who can bring the trends and ideas to life.

Built on a robust study of trends and patterns in the market, the Future of Retail 2016 report reads as a directional playbook – defining 10 pillars to build a modern and engaging shopper experience strategy. The event will highlight how retailers and brands can go beyond traditional commerce expectations to create an enhanced shopper experience and therefore, build value, drive sales, and boost loyalty.

In want shared the 10 pillars of trend for 2015, published the last year for PSFK Labs researchers:

  1. Be there and anywhere: Let costumers shop on their terms anywhere.
  1. One-click and everything: Shop ahead, Providing customers with a near real-time view of what’s in stock at every store so they can order products ahead of their visit.
  1. Power to the people: Give associates the tools to connect with customers in more ways. Service Instantly connecting customers with members of store staff on a wider variety of platforms both in an outside the store.
  1. Digitize the real world: Connect customers with the right information, right now.
  1. Every one of a Kind: Create a personalized shopping experience for every customer.
  1. Be the hub: Offering complementary services and experiences that go well beyond products, reimagining stores as marketplaces for relationships.
  1. Imagine the ideal: Sell costumers on aspirational lifestyle.
  1. Experience no products: Designing experiential showrooms and unique events that allow customers to get fully immersed in the lifestyle surrounding product offerings.
  1. Zero inventory: Transform your store into a digital showroom and on-demand delivery hub.
  1. Kill the check out: Treat the entire store as a place where customers can tap to pay.

Here you can check the full summary of the last year, really recommended: THE FUTURE OF RETAIL 2015.

So, the date is October 29th at the office of PCH Innovation Hub 135 Mississippi St San Francisco, CA 94107, since 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. The price of ticket is $175.

For more information click here: PSFK.


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