We want to share with you this article about “Shopping Experiences” in which our coordinator of master of retail design, Rut Martin, makes reference the evolution of Retail Design and as has become a necessity for create differentiation between commercial spaces.

Rut commented on the diversity of knowledge needed to convey the brand concepts: graphic design, industrial, advertising, marketing; The commercial spaces now go beyond architecture and interior design, you need to convey a message and generate experiences.

“Before, when designing a commercial space was just to make it aesthetically pleasing, often unresponsive the brand value. Now create a coherent space with the message the brand wants inform the customer and for this will have to talk to the person in marketing, advertising, etc. It should make a global analysis”.

Architect and former student of the Master of Retail Elisava Design, Rut Martin is a retail professional with extensive knowledge in creating shopping experience, branding and application of new technologies to retail space. Actually she is coordinator of the master Retail Design in Elisava, co founder of Moor Design Studio and provides additional collaborations with various educational internationales institutions.

Shopping Experiences 1

Shopping Experiences 2

Shopping Experiences 3

Shopping Experiences 4

Shopping Experiences 5

You can look the pdf document here2015.10.18 – ARA – Shopping Experience

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