Luciana Duarte

My name is Luciana Duarte Valadares, I am Brazilian and I had the opportunity to study at Elisava in 2007. I did the Master en Diseño del Espacio Commercial Retail Design. Besides having the great opportunity to study in ELISAVA, I had also an experience of work in an architecture firm in Barcelona, an internship obtained through the university.

A unique experience that completely changed my vision of the market and made me a more qualified and prepared professional to address the different obstacles we encounter in our profession. During the course I learned much more than design, I learned about customer needs, understand better, how the market works, and what each brand asks, having as a result of it all, acquiring the ability of translating all that into one complete architectural project.

The European Education system is quite different from Brazil´s, starting with the grid off super skilled and qualified teachers and the way they work and address their in-class activities, in order to exploit the maximum off our qualities and creativity.

I never worked in the same field of study of my course in Elisava, but because of this opportunity, I returned to my country more secure and capable of handling any opportunity that could appear. Since getting back to Brazil, I’ve been working with the designing of high-standard residential homes. Just recently (since last September), I started designing for commercial companies, an area that I intend to specialise even more.

instagram: @lucianaduartearquitetura


Facebook: luciana duarte arquitetura








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