Competition: 2016 International Student Design Competition


It’s called the annual competition for the Retail Design Institute offers students of Architecture, Interior Design, Retail Design and Environment.

This year has been chosen category Convenience Stores with Gas Station, for retail Institut this is a hot topic in the retail industry, as many Operators are currently
redesigning, rebranding and rolling out new prototypes, and are for the most part immune to slowdowns in the economy.

The competition is open to participate in group or individual, with exciting prizes for both categories, additional prestige that has the Institute to add it in the curriculum.

The deadline for submission of projects is May 9, 2016. The entry fee for individual is free, but groups will need to include a $50 entry fee for each submittal.

Individual Entries:
FIRST PRIZE $ 5,000.00
SECOND PRIZE $ 2,000.00
THIRD PRIZE $ 1,000.00

The Individual First Prize winner’s school will be awarded $ 500.00.

Group Entries (2 or more students):
FIRST PRIZE $ 1,000.00

The Group First Prize winner’s school will be awarded $ 500.00.

For more information vist the web of Retail Design Institute.


Photo gallery of Retail Design Design Institute.

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