Mapping BCN ateliers. New Vision New Millenium



Rut Martín, Designer and Retail Researcher, present the research work carried out by the students of the Master’s Degree in Retail Design: Retail Space, that tries to “put on the map” of Barcelona handcrafted workshops that have achieved to survive in this unfavorable context for them and others that have born in it, in some cases as an answer  to personal or professional changes arising from the economic crisis.

The approach of the project is to discover these handcrafters from the point of view of the students, young professionals of design from more than 12 different countries. Their project shows thehandcrafted work and the same handcrafters, not only analytically and objectively, but looking for what makes them different, the history behind, sharing the values that reside in the object they create, in the materials, the technique they use or the space they work in.

In order to share this vision, a map to place the workshops is being made, as well as designs of infographies with the information that the students got during the interviews with some of them and videos that show the handcrafters as an important part of the identity, tradition and cultural fabric of the cities.

Lecture within the framework of the activities of Barcelona Design Week 2016. Lecture open to all audiences.


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