The future of urban manufacturing and retail industry

The evolution in consumer demand, combined with transformative technological innovations, will continue to drive fundamental changes.

The boundaries of “retailer”and “manufacturer” will continue to be blurry, as companies evolve to meet their customers’ needs.

The retail experience is poised to become more inspirational,exciting, simple and convenient, depending on the consumer’s ever-changing needs in the next decade. Meeting the consumer demand for “what I want, when and where I want it”, will need to be done with minimal environmental costs especially those related to CO2 emissions, cardboard and packaging.

We believe the key drivers of success over the next decade will be centered on building a deep understanding of this change and connecting to the empowered consumer.


Event : Maker Faire 2017 Barcelona (Website:

Session moderated by John Henry Clippinger (MIT), Francesca Bria (City of Barcelona), Marleen Stikker (Smart City Board Amsterdam), Katalin Gennburg (City of Berlin), Cristina Tajani (City of Milan)



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