UNIQLO arrives to Spain. What to expect?

The Japanese fashion leader brand UNIQLO will open it´s the first store in Spain in Barcelona this fall. The 1730 square meters of retail space will be in Passeig de Gracia, 18.

By the end of 2016, there were about 450 Zaras, 165 H&M´s and about 40 Primark in Spain. One could say that Spanish people are devoted fashion consumers! So what to expect from yet another fast fashion brand? What could UNIQLO offer to be different and succeed in such a competitive market not to mention Zara´s Kingdom?

LIFEWEAR is the concept behind their strategy. They embody traditional Japanese values such as simplicity, quality and durability and claim to carefully produce pieces that make customers´daily life better and more comfortable. The added value in their products is the high quality, design, and incorporation of technology in their textiles.

Expect NOVELTY. A fresh new concept.

Expect QUALITY. It´s not about the last trends nor the super basic garments. It´s about proper garments to accompany you to enjoy life.

Expect TECHNOLOGY. Heattech, Airism, Ultra Ligh Down.

Expect A FUSS. Already, many people are talking about this, and the first days could be very crowded not to mention the long lines and media presence that such openings cause nowadays.

Expect a humble brand that claims to be:

Not in pursuit of perfection, but in evolution.

For more information about UNIQLO, their history, philosophy and products visit:


Future store rendering by expansion magazine
Rendering of the store. Courtesy of Expansion magazine
Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. Courtesy of Wag1
Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. Courtesy of Wag1
Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. Courtesy of Wag1
Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. Courtesy of Wag1

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